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Display Calibration Software for Commercial AV Professionals

For Commercial and Residential system integrators who design, install, and manage AV systems in commercial cinemas, digital signage applications, educational facilities, government facilities, boardrooms, and residential homes, CalMAN 5 for Business display calibration software is powerful, user friendly, and device independent.

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CalMAN™ 5 for Business Display Calibration Software is a professional tool designed to calibrate displays to a precision level previously not possible, reaching ever closer to the image accuracy intended by the original content creator. CalMAN™ 5 continues SpectraCal’s mission of bringing video calibration out of its complicated past to a 21st century model of integration and simplicity. Building on the award-winning CalMAN™ v4 design, CalMAN™ 5 includes new features like Cube Calibration, Saturation Sweeps, Breakout Reports, and Overlay Charts that make the software both more powerful and easier to use.

“CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate is the only software on the market to precisely calibrate and manage any number of displays from any number of manufacturers in a display wall.”

Whether you need to calibrate one display in a digital cinema or multiple displays tied together in a display wall, CalMAN™ 5 is the best tool for the job.



CalMAN™ 5 for Business is feature rich, supporting all of the known standards, hardware agnostic so you can calibrate using the equipment you already own, and flexible to the way you want to work. Additional benefits include exclusive pre-designed step-by-step calibration guides for single and multiple displays that require little calibration experience and a powerful reporting system for documenting before and after calibration results.


  • AutoCal™ - CalMAN™ 5 Ultimate provides control over supported displays with Direct Display Control (DDC) and ISF Day/Night modes. This allows users to intuitively calibrate a display with minimal experience and without using a remote
  • Video Walls 
    • Display Matching - CalMAN™ 5 for Business's robust database keeps track of any number of displays simultaneously while providing critical information like minimum black level and maximum white level for not only calibrating and matching displays in a display wall, but managing their performance over time.
  •  Extensive Hardware Support - CalMAN™ 5 for Business has no equal in terms of compatibility, supporting over 50 meters and 30 pattern generators, plus all major globally recognized display standards.


• Better appearance: stop complaints about the panel that doesn’t match the others.

• Faster calibration: finish the job while you’re still making money.

• Reduce training costs: ease of use requires less technical personnel.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to get in and out of projects faster while providing your customers with a best possible experience and increasing your bottom line all at the same time, CalMAN™ 5 display calibration is your solution.

CalMAN 5 for business use. Starting at $1,495.


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